About AOE 4

I know that there are still 3 months before the game comes out but i wanted to know if someone already tried and could give some opinion about it. From what i saw untill now AOE 4 just seems to be AOE2 remake and i don’t know how i feel about it. I liked AOE 2 but i wanted something more from AOE 4. I wanted the team to adknowledge the good aspects of AOE 2-3 and merge them togheter but that dosen’t seems to be the case. I really fear that the game will be AOE 2 with “better” graphics and maybe some minor new meccanchis that will not even affect the game so much.

I don’t know of anyone other than developers who are authorized to describe their impressions of playing AoE4.


I’m hoping that we get a ton of new information in August at Gamescom or I’ll be very much disappointed.


Me too. In September we have no big events. I am hoping we at least get beta for all of August or early September. October is the ■■■■■■■■ release date. Not gonna take World’s Edge ■■■■■■■■, to be honest. I will refund this crap day 1, if I don’t see a full fledge gameplay.


It looks to me to be more of a hybrid between II and III.

Civs seem more unique like in 3, plus there seems to be more advanced mechanics than in 2 (going on walls, civs age up in different ways, movable bases for mongols, etc).

I am personally disappointed they chose to remake 2. I would have preferred they continue the timeline or remake 1. But hoping it is a great game anyway.


So the closed beta hasn’t even started yet? I was hoping that at least some players would be selected to try it out and give them feedback …
Honestly after the terrible launch of AOE 3 DE I don’t have all this faith for AOE 4 and the fact that with only 3 months left there is still no gameplay video (and I mean actual gameplay not the gameplay from the trailer ) worries me enough

Its not the same with AoE3DE. I will mention some reasons that comes in my mind, obviously there are more:

  1. I don’t know if relic published any game with big bugs at release. Yes, every game has bugs, but I speak for bugs like these AoE3DE had at start.
  2. AoE3DE was a much quicker project. In my opinion they decided to change parts of the engine (else the units stack at specific points in map could not be explained) which weren’t in their starting intention and this had a result to loose time they had not calculated. I think this was great because they gave a much better game. But yes, the release had problems at the same time. From the other time AoE4 is a project they work more people much more time and work with a plan, milestones etc…
  3. As I mentioned and in 1, they are working with relics engine. This is a well tested engine, that has gave many games. If the core of a game has not problems, it is easier everything to goes ok. From the other hand, if the AoE3 engine had problems, especially if you make and changes to it, it is easier things to go wrong.
  4. AoE4 has been tested a lot as I have understood by relic testers etc. I don’t think this happened with AoE3DE.

But yes, these are my thoughts. We will learn the truth soon starting from the beta when it will released.