About AOE4 buff and magic abilities

Yes, I am calling it. Giving longbow ability to create spear-wall out of thin air in a few seconds is magical ability. Wouldn’t it be nicer if they need to use it as an defensive tools instead of an reactionary tools that they can click as soon as calvary charging at them?

Edited: it seems like there is a patch note indicate that it took 5 seconds for longbow to set up their pailing walls. I still remember it does not take that long though. I could be wrong. That is good to hear never the less.

There are a lot of buff and bonus in this game, and it seems like the dev relies heavily on it to balance the game.
Conversion is an aoe attack now. Aoe heal, Aoe damage from siege mangonel that magically do nothing to your own troops.
I love AOE4 and think it will be a great game. But there are many design decisions in this game that just screams lazy, half-baked or uninspired.
For example, what is the point of giving siege pack-up animation when they can setup and pack up instantly? Removing all strategy over positioning your sieges?
Or why give sieges firing arc when they can not miss at all? And can turn just as fast as any other unit?
What is the point of making ships turn sideways to shoot when they can turn as fast as an ice cube on flat surface?
I love that calvary can use charge attack but then charging downhill seems to be exactly the same as charging uphill.
There are many little things like that that bug me a lot when playing this game. And I did even start with the UI/UX, that things is just bad.


True whit your saying.

Open beta feal like it was self sabotage, whit alot of things so wrong.

Maybe final game will not be like this at lunch. (whit blind hope)

I still do not understand why archers are not protected from arrows, when they are up the wall, at least the units close to the top side wall, in the direction of the enemy.

If game lunch like the open beta, it will be like combining every litle bad stuff together, giving the worst game experience about history.

It could kill aoe 4 at lunch. XD

( maybe all the money whent in the trebuchet animation and history video vacation trip)

The siege tactics of walls are laughable compared to an antique game like stronghold where people died when the wall falls.

Attacking downhill gives you extra los or damage or smth

I don’t follow. AoE always dabbled in magic. Wololo!


Yeah, I got that AOE is not fully realistic, and that is fine. But it is much more excessive now in AOE4. I will be fine if longbow ability takes a few seconds to set up, they can use it to fortify their position from upfront attack in a strategic manner. Instead of reactive way the moment they see Cavalry charging.

they already take like 5 seconds to set up.
and if they’re charged mid setup they get interrupted.
You can’t do it very reactively anymore.
Here’s the latest patchnotes:

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Oh is it? I did not seem to notice any speed or damage different though.

hmm, maybe I need to check this but I remember charging a moving group of longbow and they still got it on in time. I could be wrong on that though

I think wall should last a bit more and maybe more expensive to make them viable? Also building a big wall is too fast in my opinion.

That is a lot of changes. This is pre-stress test patch note?

I saw somewhere else on the forums someone say that

Yeah they released these patch notes with the stress test.

It is arguable on whether they were all implemented tho.
It seems there were some glitches/inconsistencies.

But at least these patch notes indicate the balance they intend.

Oh thanks, that good to hear