About Ban Evasion

Right now I think there’s one individual spamming the same post over and over doing with like 10 alts , and is not the first time we see this around here (everyone knows that Equalizer tried to do the same thing in the past), but is ridiculous that no ban to IPs are happening.


Feel bad for the moderation team that has to keep dealing with it again and again and again and again and again and…


I also think it might be a good idea to set up a system that automatically suspends someone if 5 or more of their posts are hidden due to flags within a few hours.

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Sure about this one? I don’t have much knowledge about it, but I am probably be able to evade an IP ban.

I don’t like this. It seems really abusable.

I don’t percieve this kind of stuff anymore.
If there are threads or posts that look to me as someone needing to act up it’s like a blind spot to me.

That’s good for you, but for most of us it just makes the forums worse for everybody. This is anecdotal, but topics I’ve made/posted in recently seem to be getting much less engagement than usual, likely due to topics being pushed down by the proliferating spam threads, people not seeing one good thread sandwiched between 3 spam threads, or people just lying low and being less willing to participate until this nonsense is dealt with.


This is the point im at. Why borher coming to the forums when all we see is Vinifrss 25th slt spamming the same thing weve seen 15 times


Isn’t it better to just flag it and otherwise ignore it? This way this stupid behavior doesn’t get rewarded with the attention it strives for. I mean clearly that guy finds pleasure in provoking reactions and arguments obviously lead to nothing.


No you cant! If there are 5+ topics gumming up the newest threads list, then you cant ignore it!

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Oh right, I forgot about people using multiple accounts. Scrap it then.

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I partly agree, which is why I haven’t attempted to communicate with this individual at all: it would clearly be a waste of time. But I don’t think it’s a bad idea to comment on the situation in a thread designed for that purpose, and designed to get the mods to do something more. The way I see it, the dude is already getting “rewarded” by being allowed to continuously spam his threads without any apparent consequence (or too little, too late), and as @MatCauthon3 points out, he and others are already losing motivation to participate. Ignoring this dude may be a partial solution for some people, but it’s not gonna make this guy magically disappear. Bans, including IP/Hardware/Linked Account Bans exist for a reason.


So easy, just stop spamming and evading bans. We all have the same right to peace.


I love the Age of Empires series and I’d love to tell my friends about it. But I’m not going to disrupt my friends’ daily life by yelling about it in their ears all the time, especially when they’ve expressed that they don’t like this way of expressing opinions.

Oh, free speech. It means that you can have the opinion that the Turks are worth Grand Bombard Cannons and share it in the community, it doesn’t mean that you can promote your opinion and oppose the people who oppose your opinion in a way that disturbs others and the community.

Stop using the name of free speech as a shield for your rude behavior.

During the time you are banned, you can go have a cup of tea, relax, and think about how to make your opinion shared smoothly, while respecting that others can oppose your opinion, and communicating in a non-disturbing way, such as breaking your typographic habits of abusing bold and large fonts. When you have better communication habits, the door to the community is still open.


Absolute ZERO toxicity suggesting units to add in AoE2. Hate flagging should never have happened.

Thats not all you are doing

Stop trying to show yourself as the victim.


The point is not what your opinion is. The point is that the way you express your opinion is very disturbing.

Your unpopularity will continue as long as you fail to realize your mistake at this point.

Do you think this is reasonable?
Do you communicate like this with your classmates in your school?


Maybe its best to just mute him tbh

a reasonable thing to do would be to allow new/basic users to create one topic per day (or maybe even week). this would at least stop the current spam of 5 new copies of the same thread. i don’t really see a reasonable situation where someone needs to create more than one thread per day


Tbh he may as well make new accounts sadly. Tbh mods should just remove his old posts at the very least

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true, i dont think my suggestion is a complete solution. however it would impact trolls like them significantly while having little to no effect on anyone else