About Briton Technology

Add 100% accuracy tech to Briton tech. Even though it is a bow civilization, bows and arrows do not hit it, so the bow civilization is meaningless.

That is an intentional feature they have +3 range They fire volleys at extreme range but can’t do so with 100% accuracy. Britons are a top tier civ if they came out today everyone would be complaining about 12 range Elite Longbows. Maybe you could increase the argue for slightly increasing Elite Longbows or Arbalest accuracy but it would need to coincide with a nerf.


Yeah because a civ like Britons need buffs. OMG

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Since when Britons need buff?

Try doing laser-accurate hits at a distance of 300m with a 150-pounds longbow. It never was an accurate weapon.

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This post is a joke?

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Could you imagine if this game accurately represented the ranges of archers?

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you can understand if you use
Britons are now the weakest civilization in the world.
I like Britton but I can’t use it

Sounds like a you problem tbh

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OH MY GOD, you must be the most unluckiest person i ever saw if you fail all your xbow shots (knowing xbow/arbalest have 85/90% accuracy.) THE GAME IS AGAINST YOU.

You know what. We should buff britons by giving them TR and a civ bonus like archers line get +2 attacks.


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Briton feels very weak in DE compared to Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. With DE, most arrows don’t hit.
Why is it so?

They still hit like 80% to 90% of the time so not a big deal

There are aspects to Thumb Ring besides accuracy. Those aspects may be having a greater impact on your gameplay. You have to remember to play around that, knowing that Thumb Ring was not an original upgrade.

80% and 100% are completely different. If you’ve actually played the game, you’ll know right away
And it doesn’t hit moving enemies anymore.

LB dont hit any moving target? Then either ballistics was not researched or due to bug or opponent had super micro or you were fighting Shivamsha riders.

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Starting with the August 2022 update (66692), the longbow’s AI behavior changed so that it no longer hits moving enemies.
Longbow was strong in Briton before that update

My knowledge of the game may be a bit off, but I think that that has to do with the projectile speed.

Try do ballistics man. It is a tech in university. It will help you hit moving target. If you don’t get ballistics any archer won’t hit moving target. And briton archer has never been able to hit moving targets either.

Lol if I actually play the game. I have more than 1000 ranked games lol

I’ve already done that. I’ve been playing for the Britons for 20 years since AOK