About Chat Delay

I think chat delay is so high in this game, it takes too much time to send a message. AOE4 is very competitive game and communication between the players is important for the progress of game. The chat delay ruins the competitiveness of game.


Good topic. The chat delay is indeed very annoying. Also in the lobby before the chat is delayed. When I remeber they mentioned in roadmap 3 that they want to make more not competitive multiplayer and more social gaming experiences. This are good steps in the right direction.

But for this a chat without delay is also needed. Otherwise no one uses it and the social experience is not good.


Agree, chat delay is very, very high. It usually takes 5 - 7 seconds to send in lobby and 3 seconds in game.

Devs, please, do something with it.

Agree, the delay is really too high.

Has this been fixed? Or is it ever going to be fixed?