About drop-hacking

Hey boyz.
I find out that even when the game ends with no-result its is counted as WIN for one side and LOST for the other.
But it seems to be random to me who gets the win and who lose in the end.

Maybe the factor which decide is some statistic from the results (maybe final total score?) - Really idk.

I thought before that after no-result game ELOs of all players remains the same but opposite is true.

Does anybody know how this exactly works?

I was completely pissed off yesterday when we managed to beat all-in top30 players team in 4v4 but some of othem drophacked but suddenly we got our ELO increased.
Something similar happened to me when we we are about to win cause our team pushed unprepared chinese and he drophacked but we got LOSE in this case.

Or if it is 50:50 randomized?

This needs to be first feature to be solved with upcoming patch/fix because MANY MANY top tier players(friends) I know even from other games leaved the game only because of this.

Its really shame that its happening even on top of the ladder but on the other hand. Are the pros. of 1v1 not dooing invicible wall exploit? Animation canceling? HA which are cleary bugged —> post coming soon from me (btw. I cannot understand why for the benefit of the game they were not banned from the 3v3 tourney - its like to have some kind of sport in 3v3 where one player from each team is allowed to take as much steroids as he wants to … but nevermind)


Figured out - It gets together TOTAL SCORE of all players from one team and from the second one

And the one with the higher amount gest the win.

But since total score is all non-sense its RNG anyway - So even when u had upper hand at the moment of the DROP you can get lose very easily.

Kinda shame … am rank 30 in 4v4 and like 50 in 3v3s and I have to face a drophacker every single day.

Thanks for having this dumb feature in game.

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I also hate that “game invalid” is suddenly displayed when I’m about to win. My community teammates and I hate this situation.

Im tired about this too, this should be the first solved problem for the new ranked mode and season coming