About NEW "buffed" fire Lancers

Emmmmm they gave them more HP and regarding the higher cost… the SPIRIT WAY landmark DECREASES their cost if stable is built next to it so basically… its (in my low-to-good level player opinion) the same problem, they will do less damage but china can still spam 50 of those and be powerful. Anyway I appreciate they did something about it and that they are trying to answer to all claims

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Now it’s purely TG issues, but as you can see, no one from devs play competitively TGs.
The bigger issue is China’s siege.

Nothing changed for TGs.

Basically instead of playing against them and countering them you want them to make unit useless. They already stated that FL purpose is to be effective raiding unit against buildings, siege and villagers and not used as cannon fodder that they were used as before.

I said it way before this nerf that even if they nerf torch dmg by 30% it wont make difference when it comes down to landmark sniping if player is caught off guard. There was much easier solution for TG landmark sniping for low elo games and it was to increase the HP / armor of landmarks in TG’s.

Also it wasn’t a buff. Yes they increased their HP but increased the cost by 50% food. Splash dmg reduced and torch dmg reduced.

Even with spirit way reduction its more expensive to mass the FL. If something it made spirit way even shittier now and it might just become like it used to where ppl just threw it to ground in sake of getting to imperial. But time will tell if they’re still being used as cannon fodder at higher elo games or not.

And still stays as fact that chinese landmarks are the worst from all civs (excluding clockwork) and can only use one dynasty bonus while other civs get 4 bonuses from landmarks and the tax system is one of the worst civ bonuses in game because it gets worse the longer game goes on. So yeah.

Ill still continue to cheese with FL because it works. Same way I have sniped landmarks with 50 palace guards. Slower for sure but opponent isn’t going to be able to respond if their army is completely out of position.

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They’ve to be careful not to nerf the fire lancers too much, they still have a role to play in this game and they need to take small steps to see how the game evolve during time, and if needed make additional changes to them if that’s the case.

I think they are are nerfed for quite a bit but the real problem is indeed cost. They need to increase gold cost because gold is limited resource and makes sense that they won’t be able to spam so easily. If their rush fails they will be punished heavily. This may also hinder their age up if done age 3. Food is disposable resource.

Another thing they forgot to fix is radius and the time it takes to recharge. Damage should reduce based on distance from impact. Currently the radius is bugged.

How is it bugged? Source for this?

Go watch age of noob video. It does same damage for second and third line of impact. Damage does not reduce based on distance. You can watch any video of FLs rushing on villagers. With two/three charges all villagers in certain area get damaged and die. And most importantly I think its more of a square than radius.

wood is limited - gold is unlimited. in aoe4

no one promised it should be reduced. It’s expected but no one promised.

Also u did not read patch

Charge weapon area of effect damage will deal 50% damage to the surrounding enemy units

Its overall damage reduction and a quick fix instead of wasting time on implementing AOE like siege. I will test again maybe they fixed damage reduction.

(By test I mean facing next chinese player. Almost 80% of chinese player go FLs.)

yes, because FL were great in combat. FL could even win pals, no they somehow fixed.
The main problem for FL was torch dmg. It should be better, but probably not enough. (wont be playing because patch did nothing for TG games)
Anyway, back to the topic. Demo did not reduce dmg, it’s just game design, not “bug”.
I think, it’s good, because if dmg reduced, FL should be either like landsknecht = be able to fight or FL will be very weak in combat.

Nerfing in increments is the better approach imo. If it’s not enough, they can always nerf again. We’ll have to wait and see how they play out, and I’ll test the changes myself as well in the meantime.

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They were already weak in combat now they’re weaker. You only want to unit be useless


Same as in the other post. If FL are still OP scouts are even more OP.

You can get them earlier and they are more cost effective than FL in sniping landmarks.

Why should you invest in 2 landmarks and in this case also Imp (Spirit way) when you could just get 50+ scouts much earlier?

They do the same thing just better and available for every civs (sure some civs are even better in it)

Sure, FL have the better fighting ability but for sniping landmarks is this not so helpful. And in combat they are now also not strong.

Scouts can’t melt your villagers or army. Scouts are pretty easy to counter unless you are up against Mognol with 2x production and starts training from first age. The reason why mongols because they get sheep as food source and don’t need much area to harvest food.

FL as well as scouts get melted by every heavy army.
Exaclty with Mongol or Rus you can mass scouts so early. You also have then just to kill 2 or 3 landmarks per player.

Yes FL are a kind of more “well rounded” (better in raiding) but therefore significant worse than scout in landmark sniping.

Guys chill, the patch has been out for like 4 hours. Play the game first and then see if the unit is still too strong. The devs are doing the correct which is starting with small changes instead of making the unit completely useless.


The SPIRIT WAY landmark decreased the cost globally I think.
I don’t get it why people think it needs to be near the stables.

Because it need to be near the stables. If you daubt - just launch and test. Or read description.

I confirmed it was like it is global discount, by my own experience and watching my own replay, dunno about the patched version.

No its not global. Spirit way needs to be in range of stables to reduction count. Never been global during launch about beta dunno