About people who attacking teammates

please make people can change thier diplomacy when they got attacked by teammate in rank game

‘Полноцнная Личинка’ - this guy attacked me in the rank game whole time.

here is evidance - ‘MP Replay v101.102.24724.0 #(90260) @2023.08.17 182550 (1).aoe2record’

link - 1I111II1I1I1I111I1I1I1111II1I, Полноценная Личинка vs recuu, sdtyasar 2v2 - ranked EW Team - Age of Empires 2 - AoE2 Insights

and please make new joiner can upload their replay file (evidance)

i got replay file but system dosen’t allow uploading evidance. why?

and if people report team attackers, and they got penalty, please send notification message to people who reported team attacker that team attacker got penalty. (just like game ‘LOL’ report system)


This is griefing. You should link you aoeinsights profile, and report it.

Go to this website: https://www.aoe2insights.com/

Search your profile, and link the game from there.


thank u for the tip, i left link

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