About Queue Dodging & Cooldowns and Cheating

So Devs said this:

"Last Update we implemented a solution aimed at addressing queue dodging, and we’ve been monitoring both its behavior and your feedback. In particular, we’re sensitive to your feedback that the timeout penalty is being applied unfairly, such as scenarios when a player resigns from a team game after a teammate has quit. We’re currently working through further updates to the system, and we’re paying attention to feedback like this as we determine how we can best manage further iteration. Please keep sending through your feedback, we’re definitely listening.

We’re aware of and investigating reports regarding cheating, and we’ll have more to say about this in an upcoming update. For now we want to make sure you know that it’s on our radar and something we take very seriously."

Its just some people say that they not listening.
You can leave feedback here.

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They are listening

But most importanly the 4 main issues

Unfair penalties against player who play with a dodger and hopefully changes that only the dodger gets punished

ELO inflation and how to solve smurfing and noob stomping

Cheating and people who deliberatly cheat for their advantage and ruin game expierence

And of course a topic i really hope they tackle is map diversity and how people finally realize that all maps should be playable instead of arabia only and all other maps then arabia or arena shouldt be dodged


People still Alt+F4 like earlier but now its additional 5 mins wasted because they resign after 5 mins.

This idea of forcing maps on people is not good for anyone


@kw1k00 i mean we dont wanna force maps on you but they do

I for my part try to safe what got lost the diversity of maps

Also yea the whole fiasco with the penality and people leaving before 5 minutes is just awful

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People that Dodge every map they dont want to play, especially in tg, are essentially forcing everyone that gets matched with them to play their map.

So you see your point is a double-edged sword

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At the same point people who got fond of arabia or arena doesnt want to play other so yea

But then again is it about diversity or popularity

Punishment is not the solution. The 5 minute or 30 minute timeout doesn’t stop those players from queue dodging. Maybe there needs to be positive rewards for playing more maps. Free DLC unlocked when you play every ranked map on the current rotation or something. If not we need an unranked ladder with unlimited bans which either uses the ranked ladder ratings for matchmaking or has its own separate ELO system.

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Unranked having their own ELO is probably the best solution. Ladder players may experience longer ques ofc. But probably a lot less dodging.

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Uhh, sorry, but why do people think that for ranked gameplay they would be able to pick the same map every game. It’s just needless babying. You get bans, use them, then play what you get. I think having the ability to play different maps is what really defines a players skill.

Should we just have a separate Elo for each map? That’s the only way it would work if you let players map pick every game

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Ranked is currently disained the way you mentioned. But since when people do things according to disain? People do what they like. If they dont have enough bans then they will dodge the map. Simple as that.

It does, but have you considered the fact that most non-pro players play for fun and don’t care about being a well-rounded multi map player? Needless babying is forcing people to play what the devs want by strictly limiting maps. Like a parent who has decided a limit on your fun time.

We’re not talking about ranked. Unranked queue would only be the 4x main maps Arabia, Arena, BF and Nomad so yeah of course it makes sense to have separate unranked ELO for each of those 4x maps.