About Ranked mode

I beg you… please do something about the Ranked Mode. It sucks hard. Most of the players are in the Lobbies Section. Can’t you see it ? It’s so easily to find any sort of game mode in the Lobbies section… You get opponents instantly or within 1 minute. Meanwhile team games on ranked supremacy and ranked treaty are so hard to find… You wait like 15-20 minutes to get a game. The only game mode you can find an opponent within 4 minutes is 1v1. Speaking about 1v1, especially on Treaty, you get matched up with top 20 players even though you are 500 points under… Like wtf ? Why would you do that ???
Please redesign the whole ranked thing. Bring the old system back. Please enable ELO on the Lobbies. The Quicksearch is literally dying… Give an alternative for people to get ELO and also a fair matchup/balanced teams. This thing only happens in the Lobbies section. That Casual Rank resets after 2 weeks of not playing it, so it’s kinda useless … Something must be done.


Not enough playerbase to have a decent Ranked pool.
Expect to run into peopl with 1000 hours of AoE3 and ELO scores much higher than yours, because those are the diehard fans, that stick with the game even when Ranked is dead.

On every RTS ever, 1v1 will always be the most played game mode, because it only needs 2 people, is fast, and the matches end quickly.


Well, there was literally another post proving that teamgames were much more played in AOE3 counting the number of players involved.

+, if you go on the QS ladder, check player’s number of games in both 1v1 and teams. It’s not very different.

100 1v1 vs 50 3v3, literally means the community plays 3v3 more.

If the devs don’t focus on team really, really fast, it will soon be a real problem for the community to keep playing. I went 6 month ago to play game after game on legacy, to now, waiting 7 mins between each game on QS, only to play vs lower ranked players. Or I reset everytime at 6 minutes and I wait 30 minutes…

They just need to copy the legacy rank system for the lobbies, that’s it. That’s simple. They don’t even need to touch QS.

Amen to that, I literally haven’t been able to find a ranked treaty match in weeks… although it’s not a big loss since even when you do get a match, it’s against someone twice yer ELO and/or Swedes