any info on when we will have ranks?
I find ELO interesting to level players, but looking for “x” positions is something empty and without much purpose.
if you are in the 1000th position in ELO, what does that mean?
but if you are positioned on a “gold x” rank for example, this means something

it’s very boring to play just for a ELO, the glory is with those who are at the top of the top, but with a rank even a top of the bronze has its own glory for belonging to the top of a certain rank.


seasons begin
after spring 2022?
to late

Not really. ELO tell you the real abbility of the player and ranks will be placed by elo. In AOE 2 people know the abbility of the others players with the ELO without any problem.

I’ve been a long time dota player and we never had badges or anything until recently and it honestly didn’t change anything compared to old ELO system, but i do see why some players would want a medal to showcase their skill level rather then a number

I think it gives an extra and important feature to each player.