About skin color in African Kingdoms (AOE 2 HD and AOE 2 DE)

I dont like that African kingdom civs (not Portuguese) have workers and unit with white skin color, if they are Africans why they havent got a black skin???

I hope that in AOE 2 DE they can have the correct skin color (Okay I undertand that in AOE 2 HD don’t fix it, but please, do it for the definitive edition!!

What do you think about that??


Mesoamericans white skin , or Khmers?.. They need change each skin color.

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No Unique Unit for each civ set design? Fine by me but atleast do something about Villagers.

This is not that simple to do, because task graphics are shared between all civs. It might be something to be done in the future, but it’s not that relevant to devote work to it before release imo.


That can be a problem having each unit their real appeareance.

They were redoing game graphics for AOE2:DE. If not doing this now, then they are not planning to do it. Which is very disappointing.

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another year to render graphics…great… And file size…

Youre’ over-dramatising the complexity. Even a simple alteration of the unit model skin colours. No one is drawing them from scratch… They made a whole new civilisation build set for AOE2:DE and also have a trade cart for Mesoamericans. I hope the monks at least are specialised by civilisation (we have the unit models in-game already for Middle Eastern and East Asians). We want an awesome game for the ages not something like AOE1:DE with all kinds of issues. Aesthetic and gameplay both.

Unit tasks graphics (like chopping wood, mining stone, etc.) are shared between civilizations. You could have black villagers, but they would change their model everytime they’re doing a task. Needless to say that wouldn’t work very well.
They would need to change that behaviour, but that’s quite a lot of effort for a very very minor improvement.


Won’t recoloring the skins work? That’s simple enough?

No. All civilizations share a single graphic for tasks. You can have all villagers look as they are now, or you could make all of them black, but the engine currently does not support different graphics. Now, changing the engine to include that would be possible, but it would be definitely more work than just recoloring the graphic.


you did or k now how its made you need rendering, these are major leagues, no amateur modders with photoshop pixels.

No dude