About the AOE DE (I & II) cover

As you know, Steam will update our libraries and the covers of our games, that the covers will be like Microsoft store covers.

Steam new library

I was thinking about how the change will affect to our steam library and i noticed that the covers of the definitive edition arent aligned.

:point_down: You can see that here

Actually appearance

:point_down:And the change that the designers needs to do

The perfect appearance

Okay you will say, there are thing much important than this, of course there are, but it only needs few minutes to change!!!

I know that it wont be changed but, if many people wants the change im sure that the designers will change it.

Thanks for your attention and enjoy Age Of Empires saga.


Actually they should be vertically centered and align on ------------------ OF ------------------
That way II would jump out a little bit more and top of logo would be aligned too. Now it’s still too much below the first logo.

I agree. If they shift down the art and logo for Age of Empires: Definitive Edition a little bit it will be perfect.

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