About the Chalukyan player in the Rajendra campaign

While the climate in northwest India is dry or hot with deserts, it’s more tropical and wet in southern India.

However, when I have played the Rajendra campaign and fought some Gurjara players, they train camels in a south Indian rainforest map.

Are there even camels living in jungles or rainforests in south India? I thought Camels are more adapted to a desert climate.

Plus, in that fourth scenario of the Portuguese campaign, when you win, someone says that the “Zamorin flees on a camel!”, when the battle takes place in the southern part of the country, where rainforests are plenty!

And I thought the Chalukyas are also Dravidians, like the Tamils.


They should be the same people as the Rashtrakutas in the Devapala campaign.

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One or two civis to diversify the dravidian umbrella can fix this issue.


They should have added Kannadigas alongside of Tamils instead of Dravidians


This this this. Or at least something like Deccanis. Dravidians don’t even make sense. It’ll be like having “Uralics”. It’s a language family lol.

Too lazy to make a proper study of South Asian kingdoms?

Only one DLC for South Asia is a wrong idea. There should have been a DLC focussed on peninsular India and Sri Lanka, leaving room for another DLC to represent the regions north of the Deccan plateau.

Oh, there’s room for even more dlc. Each of the four current Indian civs could receive a split.