About the new customizations

Hi everyone. First of all I want to congratulate the developers for the latest update, I found it impeccable. The new UI in the map selection, the changes to the Aztecs and their customizations were on point for me.
However, I have a little suggestion regarding the way customizations are obtained. Back in vanilla - a game that I played non-stop since it came out until the definitive edition came out - I remember playing many games with each civ to obtain the cosmetics and cards of each one. The best form for me was always long supremacy games, which generally ended in the fifth age after an hour or so of play. Those games ensured me to level up at least three levels of the metropolis. In the definitive edition I feel that there were many changes regarding the experience necessary to level up, a fact that I have noticed with the latest customizations that have been released (when I see in the PUP customizations are released, I try to play with that civ to be able to unlock them all when they came out).
What I have noticed is that these games no longer ensure me leveling up (sometimes I go up one, two or even none) so the number of games required to unlock cosmetics goes up a lot.
In the latest patch, the required level to unlock everything in Tenochtitlán is 93 and, being the Aztecs a rush civilization, it is practically impossible to level up by playing a game.
My suggestion is: make leveling up easier (as in the vanilla edition) or make cosmetics not cost so much points (some even need 20 points). In this way it would not be so tedious for people who cannot dedicate more than one or two games per day like me.

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See the positive POV, you will enjoy them more. Also devs want that you will be playing the game, the more the better


Hi @Innigop !

Thank you for your support and beautiful words :heart:

Our team thinks that the difficulty of the cosmetics is ok right now. However if you feel that you want to level up your HC faster, you can use the Nova & orion cheat and resign.