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I really like this. It has a lot of old vibes. But everything feels mushy right now. My eyes would will take some time to get use to. It looks similar to Sea of thieves a bit. Thanks guys !


Woah, I leave for a while and the whole forum goes trippy.

I will have to find a new way to play that game where you try to always keep your reputation score higher than your number of posts.

I wasn’t the only one playing that game, right?

More to the point: Is it normal that I can’t login to my old account even though it still exists but I can create a new one with the exact same name because it’s linked to the same Microsoft profile?


This platform must only be reserved for AoE development team they must be only ones to create topics in this section!!! Rest of this section must be allowed for replies, comments by AoE fans. I suggest the category had to renamed Age of Empires;- News & Announcemnet.
Otherwise this category would be very speculative and messy.