About the promotion mechanic

This is something that never really seemed like that big of a deal to me. Well and fine that my units can get stronger, but Im never gonna get any promotion tier for all my 20 line infantry/bosniaks/whatever. If I ever do then Id have a breakdown for each that dies, becuause I spent 2 months microing them to live and get all the last hits.

This seems like it can at most skew lanchesters law a tiny bit under the most deal circumstances but I personally havent witnessed it ever being s significant factor just cuz you need a post grad in math to predict how the promotions will effect things.

Most basic example is the new French musk vs the redcoat in treaty; sure the french can get a bit stronger at peak, but the redcoats just kill them all before anything else is said.

Now that is my subjective experience. Always possible i missed something so - any one out there that can get a reliable use out of any promotion?

In the early game where micromanaging units is easier I guess. And some can get early free kills from treasure guardians.
True range units (excluding musketeers which are essentially front lines) benefit more from this.

reliable? no but in some cases like with the crabat it can be a deadly snowball since they come out so quickly to score kills that they basically get free upgrades

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I really like that the drummers and French Revolution thing increase rate of fire of things, that the promotions increase stats based on conditions and that cards increase specific stats by flat amounts.

It’s nice to have a variety of intricate things beyond “click for generic improvement”. I think this is something we should give the devs credit for, generally.

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Just don’t play treaty. Problem solved.

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Its actually less usefull in treaty - unit turnover is so high promotions are just not a thing that matter. I personally get the most mileage out of it in supremacy when I send bosniaks as germany.

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I dont like that promotion mechanic but i don’t hate it either. I didn’t find it too useful

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no se tu, pero la mecanima de promoción para los ballesteros portugueses me esta siendo util xd (mejor velocidad de disparo y más hp)

I find the promotion mechanic a great way to balance civilizations that are weak militarily, I hope the developers apply a similar mechanic for some buildings.


L1: Animals fatten 10% faster and cost 15% less resources.
L2: Animals fatten 15% faster and cost 20% less resources.
L3: Animals fatten 20% faster and cost 25% less resources.

L1: The mill produces 10% faster.
L2: The mill produces 15% faster and they gain a ranged attack.
L3: Allows the settlers to shelter in the mills and improves the ranged attack.

L1: Plantations produce 10% faster.
L2: Plantations produce 15% faster and gain a ranged attack.
L3: Allows the settlers to shelter in the plantations and improves the ranged attack.

Obviously this is just my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Thats well and fine, but I was asking more anout how impactfull they are. They reality of promotions as opposed to the concept.

Ye, I noticed cav is easier to promote in early fight than infantry are at any point.

I would like that units can also promote by attacking and not by the losses they cause.

For casualties are promoted instantly.

By attacking it is promoted more slowly. Could be like this:

Level 1 reached by attacking 3 times.
Level 2 reached by attacking 5 times.
Level 3 reached by attacking 10 times.

If they do it that way it should be by total damage dealt not the number of attacks. That would add some more resolution to promotions with more powerful units needing to deal more damage for promotion and weaker units needing to deal less damage. It would also be way more representative of what the unit is actually achieving.

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I read the promotions mechanic as a way for the devs to encourage retreating and preserving troops. Like the promotion mechanic in company of heroes. I find myself imagining my promoted french musketeers are my napoleonic old guard and hold them in reserve during the decisive battle until the exact moment I need them… and then - vive l’empereur!

adds to the fun for me for sure :grinning: