About the variant civilization

Because the Relic plan to make some variant civilizations, so every civilization in the future will have the opportunity to acquire variant civilizations of a new faction. So I hope that in future updates for other variant civilizations, Relic will not consider these variant civilizations as optional civilizations alone, as this will make the game’s civilization system very chaotic and will make the game not like the Age of Empires.
We all know about the another Relic’s RTS, the Company of Heros. So my idea is that if they are already make variant civilizations, maybe they can refer to the commander system of the Company of Heros. For Age of Empires4, it is the way to enter a variant civilization by selecting certain kings or heroes from history, after that we can obtain the units and technologies of the variant civilization. My other idea is that Age of Empire4 can also refer to the revolution of Age of Empire3, spending certain resources in the game and choosing different variant civilizations through uprisings, treaties, alliances, and other means.For example, England could enter the Scottish variant civilization by choosing the Scottish People’s Uprising, and then acquire some Scottish units and new technologies. Other examples, such as the Holy Roman Empire, can obtain a Teutonic variant civilization by forming an alliance with the Teutonic Knights, and then acquire the units and techniques of the Teutonic Knights.
I think choosing a variant civilization in the game will make the game more diverse and the tactics more unpredictable. If the variant civilization to become a new optional civilization, I personally believe it would weaken the sense of existence of many original civilizations. If this way, the game would not like the Age of Empires anymore.


In AoE2, which is basically 42 variant civs, the top three civs picked are Franks, Mongols, and Britons, three O.G. civs. So I wouldn’t worry about weakening original civs.

Just because a feature didn’t exist before doesn’t mean the game is suddenly not Age of Empires anymore after it get’s introduced.
It’s not even a new feature if you consider that Age of Mythology already did that.

Many many people wished for variant civilisations because it allows very large and diverse civilisations to be represented better without giving one civilisation so many features that it’s very hard to learn and unpredictable to play against.

Tying the Variant Civilisations to certain leaders is less AoE style in my opinion.
Civilisations extend a much larger time period then the live time of one person.

Revolts also have some limitations.
You won’t be able to revolt early in the game so it would only change your late game.
Also Revolts don’t fit as well into the medieval time period.
The end of the Middle Ages saw bigger Empires grabbing up a lot of smaller kingdoms, the opposite of what revolts represent.
While the end of the AoE3 timeline has the opposite happening.


I can accept the variant civs in AOE2, but Jeanned’Arc is not a civs.


I just can’t understand that Jeanned’Arc can be a civs.


exactly, did Jeanned’Arc found a civilization :rofl: and wtf is sultans army … there are already 3 sultanates in the game are they not sultans army aswell?


No matter how many sultanates in this game now, the culture they represent is different.These sultanates do not represent the same country. Abbasid variant civs the Sultan’s army, It could be Egypt during the Saladin era, Chinese variant civs the Empire of Jade, may be a combination of nomadic civs in northern China, and the Holy Roman Empire variant civs Order of the Dragon is Hungary, but Jeanned’Arc will always belong only to France, which is different.I don’t want to see Genghis Khan become a variant civs of Mongol in the future. The variant civs of Mongol can be the Golden Horde, the Timur Empire, or even the Attila Empire. This is not Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.


Yea it’s a super weird choice to thematically focus each variant around a specific person, completely breaks the theming of the game so far… which is EMPIRES, not people or small groups. They have to be picking groups that were around hundreds of years or who are at least distinct enough to be a variant. Jeanne of Arc is not a civilization, nor should it be a variant civ. I also don’t want “Empire of Jade” or “Sultan’s Army.” Way too vague and not very exciting. Like I don’t understand why they didn’t pick the Gupta Empire of India. Similar assets, same language, just change around some units and mechanics and boom you got a great civ. Could also do Celts based off of English, or Teutonic Order based off HRE (I guess Order of the Dragon is fine). This gotta be changed it’s killing my hype for the DLC.

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Well, what can I say, I had a long post to comment about a lot of theories, but the recent Age of Noob video brought them down every of them (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX7rdMrUUHo).

He confirmed that it will not be like the Aoe3 revolutions, but that there will be 4 new civs, only they are called variants because they share many of the history and mechanics of the civs from which they are derived.

Personally, I’m going to “wait” for them to show what the possible new variants will be like, and more details to get my opinion. Although I was surprised by the idea of Juanita as a new civ variant, I still don’t fully understand how they plan to implement that model.

The real problem would be if things like The Jade Empire really are some Age of Mythology fantasy and not based on actual Chinese kingdoms, then a name change wouldn’t be enough. For me, I don’t care if the Chinese kingdoms are from the early or late Middle Ages, the 3 Kingdoms period or Northern China, but "LET THEY BE HISTORICAL".

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But why not include those mechanics in the existing civs? Like just put everything that the new french variant civ brings to the table into the initial french civ and give it some depth. If you split those civs this game will just end up having a smaller RTS part since your already forced to make a strategic decision right when picking a civ.

I read about that after I made the post.
Very strange choice for a sub civilisation.
France has so many unique cultural regions that could be perfect for a new civ but they choose her.
I feel like there are a few people in the AoE4 team that are a little to obsessed with her.
She has always be very central in advertisement for the game already.

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She has always be very central in advertisement for the game already.

Yet she was not satisfied being the cover of French at French - Age of Empires
So she decided to found a new civilization, and be cover of both, of course

Yet you can only play Jeanne d’Arc for two scenarios in the campaign (one of them she didn’t really participate irl) with huge time jumps…then it tells you “BTW, she died. Next chapter is 20 years later.”

I have a theory that it is because if they added it to the Civ Base, like the Revolution mechanism from AoE3:DE, they couldn’t sell it as DLC, since in theory people who don’t have the DLC yet will be able to play the game and do the events monthly, but you will not be able to play with the Civ Variants (because those counts as another civs).

If the civ variants were a Civ mechanism, what happened to me with the game “War Selection” would happen: a free-to-play rts where to advance in age like any of the 20 civs, you have to pay DLC payment (That’s why no one plays that game).

It would be annoying if you played with the French and were in castles and saw the option “Juanita” and when you put the mouse it said “Option only available with the DLC.” They would always remind you of it, like advertising for those MMMORPGs. The logical thing would be that obviously not even the option is visible, but let’s also consider the balance in multiplayer: A player with the revolution option in the DLC will always have more variables than one who did not buy it, completely breaking the ranked balance.

By the way, I’m just theorizing. Probably if the new “variant civs” have different mechanics from the Dark Ages, a revolution button would not be enough, especially if the details of each civ are loaded before starting the lobby. Maybe that’s why they put them as new civs.

Well I think also most people wouldn’t even want it to work like AoE3 revolutions. That is already not a very popular mechanic overall.

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