About to click objects and unit

hi everyone. i have some problem to clicking objects. i click on tree but it is 1 “square pixel” far from the tree . so it doesnt click on tree. if i wanna click behind unit or building. when 3 objects or units are in the same boxes or position. it doesnt let you to click the object on graphic. this is really annoying for me. if i wanna click on villagers , it might click on tc then i click back again to villagers. the micro time is losing while clicking on something. some games i mess up about it and i lose it because i cant click what i want to. do you know any way that i can resolve this problem ?

If you hold Alt and click it’ll ignore building hitboxes so you can click the vill/unit next to it.

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is there any way for objects ?

Maybe clicking 3 times will work? It worked for selecting objects in the back in previous versions of the game (I have not tested in current version).