About V&V... Creators remuneration

Hi everyone

I wont say what’s already been said here.
I just wanted to know if the creators who made the custom maps in the DLC were paid for their work.
That would be an absolute shame otherwise.

Thank you

It was one creator.
He even went up to the dev team himself and suggested the DLC.
Also he made multiple other campaigns for them before.

Here is his work listed in the wiki:


Filthy even did some promotional videos for the DLC. I wouldn’t worry about his remuneration.

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It’s a private matter and frankly none of my (or our) business, but I have no reason to assume he wasn’t paid.


Ok, well, I understand.
I admit i felt a bit fooled and angry with this DLC, and in my anger i thought that the devs stole his content to sell it.
I’m happy to learn this in not the case, and i’m sorry that i have bothered you with such trivial subject.

Have a good day

There is enough other reasons to be angry at this DLC.

I think it’s a bit more complicated. Because of the TOS when uploading a mod, the mods become MS intellectual property, so MS needn’t pay anyone to use them, filthy included.

However, filthy would obviously have been paid for any work done in his capacity as an employee after MS decided to use the content.

Filthy admits using his content was his own idea, presumably with the knowledge MS wasn’t required to compensate him for the original mods.

Perhaps MS did give filthy some bonus or something as compensation to use the original mods in some good faith gesture, but MS wasn’t required to do so.

However nothing is stopping MS in the future from taking some rando’s mod and without hiring that person or paying them anything for that content, since technically it’s actually MS’ property, sprucing it up and selling it for profit and using the precedent of V&V to justify it. I think that’d be pretty scummy tho and probably get the backlash it’d deserve.

I am concerned about what may happen in the future, but I agree it doesn’t seem to be a problem in this instance.


And that’s why you need a way for modders to get remuneration, to be independent enough (not 100% cause we still use aoe2 base game), to avoid something like this happening. But the community is deaf, they just think about getting the bigger slice of the cake… Like Microsoft would ironically. I’m pretty hopeless tbh.
All the sjws of this forum, always fighting for more African civs and against windmills, where are you when real people and not abstract concepts are at stake? This is literally about working for free which in the past has been usually described as slavery.

Well, most of the scenarios, if not all, in VaV, created by Ramsey (known as Filthydelphia), were free as mods before, now he has joined MS so they have the right to use his content, or Ramsey would WANT this, either way it doesn’t matter. So yeah, he got paid by being their staff and maybe plus more depended on how well this dlc is sold.

That’s quite the comparison… No, modders are not “slaves”, since they choose what to do with their free time, they make mods because they like it, and can drop it at any time. Very different from a slave.

If they want money, they should use their experience from modding and coding, and maybe make an indie game or something. Or alternatively, get so good at map making that they’re hired by FE (which has happened before)

Relax, modders are not in a sweatshop being forced to work for free. It’s their hobby.


I can’t roll my eyes at this paragraph hard enough.

To be clear, based on your political objections to specific discussion subjects, you’re suggesting people should support your claim that modders are like slaves?!

Not sure that follows.

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I know you are passionate about your work, but there are a lot of people who do stuff for the age community and don’t ask for anything back. I’m thinking aoe2scenarioparser, UCG and airef.

If you say doing scenarios for free is slavery, that means you are being threatened for not doing scenarios 24/7. I don’t think your comparison stands


He used to officially work for Forgotten Empires and made multiple campaign, but he quit a few years ago to work somewhere else.
Now he did this one time thing where he made something for them again.

At last that’s what I have heard.

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You had better ask for filthydelphia’s bank account and wire all your money to him so he will not starve as a MS employee. Problem solved.

Yeah slavery is an hyperbole but think about it: you’re investing your time, usually most of your time, to do something for people to enjoy and all you ask is a contribution to pay the bills and continue to make custom content. Isn’t this reasonable? Isn’t this what everyone asks for in every field of human society? Wouldn’t you pay the ticket for a bus because it should be free? Couldn’t you extend this argument to everything? Until people take buses and play mods there is a request and a market for that hence there’s need for rights for workers working in that market.
About the sjws it was a provocation, since I see a lot of people fighting a lot here for “imaginary” fights I really thought they would fight for real ones too but maybe the fact this touches their wallets is not that convenient… It’s entirely reasonable btw but it should be said clearly without hypocrisy. Words are free, work and time is not (basic Marxism).

Thank you for acknowledging my passion, I would never do something for money only, to me this is just a way to survive. I’m not saying by any means people should agree 100% with me, I just think it’s reasonable to open a discussion, specially after the last terrible DLC.

Most of your FREE time.
That’s what you said yourself. I don’t know why that word is gone.

Typically people don’t get paid for what they do during their FREE time. They play games. They travel. They post nonsense on forums. That’s called a hobby. None of these gets them paid.
Modding is not a more noble hobby.

You’re wrong, it has long gone that time. Now free time is work time, I could share you some books and sociology scientists talking about this but the division is kinda outdated (but it doesn’t need to become a political or philosophical argument so let’s stay on the concrete). The line is blurred nowadays. Think of influencers, they make money out of their free time doing basically nothing but posting pictures, ad, travelling etc. I ask money for hours and hours of work instead (yes technically free time).

He joined World’s Edge as Senior Business Manager according to this article:

Hasn’t your primary school teacher taught you don’t spend most of your time playing if you haven’t finished your homework???

Lemme summarize your situation, if:
You spend most of your time making mods.
You cannot feed yourself from making mods.
And you don’t want to do anything else other than making mods.

Can you not see the problem?