Access to the rewards from 'Greatest Medieval Technologies Event'

Dear Age of Empires Team,
I was able to unlock all the rewards of the challenges during the event. However, because I wasn’t logged in with my XBox Live account I lost all of them after the event ended. I feel pretty sad, and stupid, for not noticing this little detail. I had especially lots of fun with the two cheat codes and would love to use them in future games with the AI opponents or friends. Is there any possibility to regain these rewards? Or could you tell me if the cheats will become accessible to all player in the future?
Kind regard :slight_smile:

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I hope they bring back ways to unlock the rewards. I was really looking forward to this event to unlock the cheat codes, but I realized I purchased the game after the event ended. Kind of disappointing.

This system is dumb. I hate how the devs force Steam users to make Xbox live accounts, just so they can get the things of the challenges…