According to eurogamer, relic don't have the foundation

So they writing that now after dow 3 fiasco, they don’t even have the notmal foundation to fully live. Maybe is thsi reason why aoe 4 offcial info delayed and we have zero ifnormation about the game?
It’s officially approved now:

They don’t have the foundation to produce any more major content for DoW3, but they’re still making free cosmetic DLC for the game. Nowhere in your links does it say that they can’t live anymore. They’re just moving on to other projects since DoW3 isn’t profitable enough for any further development.

So, they’re in trouble, but they’re not done for, yet. To me, AoE4 doesn’t seem to be in danger.

Dude, seriously, there is a reply function. You had three things to say so far on the same topic so you opened three different threads. It’s much clearer if you keep a discussion in one place, which means a better discussion. It would also look less like you’re just trying to smacktalk Relic and don’t actually want a discussion.

(In fact, the link you came here to post was already posted in one of your other threads before you made this one.)

The thing many people don’t understand is Relic are financed by Microsoft to produce AOE4. You can’t say Relic don’t have the funds/resources anymore (I’ve read some people on DoW forums) because of DoW3 low sales. Microsoft is paying all there is to pay since AOE4 is their product. The only unknown here is how much Microsoft is really willing to invest in AOE4, and I hope it’s a lot because they aren’t short of money.
As for the OP, I agree his topcis are a rush to conclusions sometimes, but he did make useful discoveries too, like the Glassdoor review, which deserved their own topics for discussions. I’d say he is a useful member of the community. Actually now, reading from the Dawn of War forum he posted, I’ve just found out AOE4 was in the works before DoW3 was even released! + changed approach with AOE4 to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes again. That is a nice little bit of new info, isn’t it? Check it out:
Relic dev in response to upset fan questions:

Your points about betas and players as part of our process have been a huge point of discussion in the studio. I can’t get into much detail here but even before the launch of DOW, the AOE team has been working very differently to make user research, early play-testing, and community consultation a much bigger part of how we make games.
Source: (dev’s name is R_BENB)
Later on he also says they have 2 projects in the works (so not only AOE4)

@IamDalv Do you think microsoft gives him money to according their in-house troubles? Because now they need budget to live normally too, not only surviving.

Of course, Microsoft pays for all expenditures AOE4 related + even more if needed, whether it is an overall bugdet they offered Relic or not. It’s logical, they hired (pay) Relic to make AOE4, a Microsoft product, and they seem determined about it.
Oh, Relic are also moving into a bigger building in Vancouver. So it doesn’t seem like they struggle financially, on the contrary, they are extending for their future games.

Relic is so lucky to have the aoe4 job in the bag already!

Lets hope the disaster with DOW turns out to be good for aoe4…

I think chances are good, that Relic is gonna do a very “classic” aoe now, since they really need to be on the save side now!