Account error 101, old site recovery tool does nothing & frustrating bugs

What steps are there to recover or fix an account?
I have tried; purging the key and re implementing, re installing, creating new account, recovering account. Steam diverts responsibility to Microsoft and Microsoft diverts responsibility then to Steam. I payed money for this game and can’t even play.

The game will also rarely open when launching it. editing the config file to set graphics settings and to windowed mode helped for a little while, but now the game will freeze on the opening cinematic with the menu music playing.

Have you tried uninstalling and then reinstallnig the actual game?

Also, this is not a very particular concern, since AoE3 Definitive Edition will be coming out soon. Approximately in the middle of the year. :smiley:

Sure did :/. And it’s a concern too me since I paid for the game and would like to be able to use it. Especially since I just discovered it is a used CD key that was sold to me.

Is better to wait for an official annoucement rather than speculating, none will see with good eyes an unifinished game.

It is not speculation. Just look at the release date for AoE 1 DE and AoE 2 DE, then compare how long each game had their Beta period, before the game was released.

AoE 3 DE Beta started in February. Then the release will definitely not be more than 1 year away. However, it is not likely that the come will release exactly in february (as was the case for AoE 1 DE), since the devlopers/publishers will want to capitalaize on the current “plague of death” (this is a euphemism), going around the world.

Therefore, the time window for the release of the game, would be around July-October of this year. Although they could aim for a December release for the holidays, however it would be more profitable to avoid competition by not releasing the game any later than november.

Also, do note, that since the Beta started in February of this year, it is extremely likely that the Beta for the game, will not have such a prolonged continuation for such a duration, as to be longer than 1 year. Since the game would lose the “potential maximum hype”, causing some consumer to lose interest, which would cause a possible decline in overall sales (at least in the short term), and would thus not be economical from a management or business venture, perspective. :smiley:

A used CD-Key? So in other words. You bought the game for really cheap on a website which was not Steam or the Microsoft Store?? :smiley:

Steam never sells used AoE3 keys. Sounds like you probably just need to run the registry cleanup script from here:

Did that already. Its from Steam. I have the Steam receipt for the game. I put in the cd key and product key for the account recovery tool. It is game me info I have never used before and I have never made an account before.

Nope. Bought right on Steam. I have the Steam receipt.

Well. I do not have a clue then. :smiley: