Account hacked in age of empire 3 DE Xbox why?

Hello so i was going to play Age of empire 3 DE and i see a difference my civilization has more points and when i saw the deck, all card where different. there were new decks with different name and some KOREAN words so i guess somebody is using my account. PLEASE how can i fix this?

This is a bug, nobody hacked you, the game sometimes swaps one or more of your HomeCities with those of a player you played with, it mostly happens when playing custom scenarios and happens if you desync.

Just rebuild your decks and rename your Cities and Heroes to what you had them before.


Damn i was scare i was about to change my Microsoft password lol. This is very bad . Yes i did but is very annoying. Now i have citys with very high level . But thanks for the notice.

Yeah, it’s a weird bug, not reported much, but a lot of people had the same problem on reddit, and figured out when it usually happens by comparing their experiences.