Account info and access

I have created an account on Age of Empires 3 a long time ago.
I did not remember my password.
I have been trying to change it asking for a password request email.
I have not received an email yet.
I tried to create a new account with my email and it said that the email is used, so i am pretty sure about the email of the account.
I have found the product ID and everything.
How can we solve this issue?
Thank you in advance.

Double check the ‘junk’ inbox on your mail. If not there, its possible the system referenced the mail as existent, even though its actually a different one…
If this doesnt work, could you provide an image of the error scenario you encounter when trying to do a password reset ?

I have this print screen.
Maybe the problem is something else.
But i was thinking.
If i try to create a new email account, wouldn’t there be a problem using the product key of “another” account ? (in reality an inactive one)
I would prefer not to, but i am afraid there would be.
Maybe the email i used is deleted.
So what would be the solution?

Each Product key can only support 1 Account and its User-name can’t be changed, so you can’t create a new but there are ways to recover an old account with the aid of emails and/or CD-keys.

Error 101. I think someone else had the same issue within 60 days of today.
I think the ’Registry cleanup Script’ can assist, but its just me guessing wild…

Sometimes (like once per player) account names gets mixed up within the system. So there is a script which manages that…

Sorry, its all I got :confused:
Maybe someone else has some more accurate input they can share.

AuroraStardaze, thank you for your time and your answer.
I was wondering, isn’t there anyone from the creators of the game to support it?
Honestly, i have been looking a way to communicate with someone and my only chance was creating an Xbox account, even though i do not have an xbox, just to enter this forum.
So, anyone knows an email or something of somebody that works for AOE 3 support center?
Is there a AOE 3 support center at all?
I hope there is, because i started thinking that all this trouble resolving an account issue is a clever way of buying again the same product…

No, there is not.

Microsoft has dissolved the original internal studio more than a decade ago.

Ok, thank you.
Too bad because is a good game.