Accumulate Attribute don't work for other players

im trying to add a kill count for every players on my scenario but the condition only work for P1
C#0 : Accumulate Attribute (Tribute List : kills by P1, Source player: player 2)

if i try to change Tribute List to kills By P3 or P4 and test my scenario with those player, it doesn’t work anymore.
any help for this please ?

Can you explain further? I tested this and it works fine.

strange it worked for you how did you test it ?
in my case have i P1 and P4 as allies and P2 Enemy, im setting up a kill counter for P1 and P4 whenever they kill P2,
i tested it by going through skirmish mod and switch to P4, it never worked when i do that, i never get past the condition (only works when im P1)

Can you screenshot all of the triggers you have?

it happens also on a clean scenario here is what i did :

so whenever P4 kills P2 it should show a message in chat

and here is how i tested it

as you can see we dont get past the condition whenever P2 get killed by P4

Interesting, you could try not changing the color, and instead using Ctrl+Shift+f4 to take control of player 4.

using ctrl+Shift+F4 worked, didn’t know about this shortcut thanks, so does that mean it works when player get to choose P4 ? and why it bugs out when i choose p4 from the select menu ?