Accurate Representation of the Roman Legionary

Hi Team,

First and foremost, thank you for bringing back one of my favorite games and the strategy game that started it all for me. I absolutely the approach you have taken with the remastered edition, it is quite simply breathtaking.

Having said that, I’ve always had one issue with the original Rise of Rome expansion and that was to do with the roman legionary representation. It was simply represented as the generic long swordsman unit with stat tweaks. The Legionary should have a very distinctive look with the iconic roman tower shield (scrutum) instead of the generic round shield. The tower shield played a significant role in roman legionary tactics, the testudo formations or scrutum charges were very common and effective and defined the era of the roman infantry dominance on the battlefield.

The forgotten expansion pack has done a great job modifying the generic Long Swordsman by incorporating the roman tower shield and making it accurate.

Generic Long Swordsman

The Forgotten Expansion Roman Legionary with Tower Shield

The Roman Legionary with Tower Shield

I am sure you have much more important work ahead but I thought I might raise it as it was something that always stood out to me. Can you please incorporate the iconic roman tower shield for Roman Legionary in AOE:DE?


Most accurated.

While the new look is cool, I wish that they´d have simply gone with the hamata instead of the segmentata - makes the legion unit more flexible as it would work in almost all types of scenarios set during different times throughout the empire.
It´s Scutum by the way.
EDIT: Also, it´s seems as though the new Centurion unit does in fact have a more classic rectangular scutum.

Corinthian helmet is wrong.