Achievement "No respite for the Canaille"

Goodnight all !

I have a problem, I am having fun completing all the achievements in the game, but for the success (It concerns Rajendra’s mission #2) you have to beat maanaram and Polonnaruva without capturing a forum…

I have it done, without capturing forums, but destroying them, and I didn’t get the success… And it’s impossible to win the game, having no forums we have a population limited to 50, so impossible to defeat the vastly superior King Mahinda.

Who achieved this success? Can you explain to me how?

Thank you ! :grin:

You can actually get it on hard destroying both of them and still winning the entire scenario. After you destroy the first enemy, you unlock castle age. Start pumping out as many elephant archers as possible. Mix them with siege elephants and maybe battle elephants, then fight your way down the side of the map, knock down the king’s castle, and kill him, ignoring the enemies in the way at that point.

Yes I succeeded just after posting the message, rushing like a nag with armored elephants and twenty men … Thank you anyway! :grin: