Achievement "Wild's Bounty" not triggering

The achievement “Wild’s Bounty - Accrue 2,000 Gold with Hunting Cabins in a single match as the Rus” failed to trigger in a match where I met the conditions. I’ve met the conditions both in a custom skirmish and in campaign. Failed to trigger both in game and on steam. Achievements overall are working. Restarting game did not grant achievement

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Hey @Syvarris232!

Were you connected to Age IV’s online services while meeting these conditions?
Did you meet these conditions after loading the game, or was it done in one playthrough?


I believe that I was connected to the online service, but it’s possible I may have disconnected and reconnected at some point in the match, I can’t remember.

It was in a single playthrough without leaving and reloading back into the game.

Thanks @Syvarris232!

Would you be willing to contact support here with a summation of your issue and your DxDiag and any Crash Logs?