Acient content in AOE 2 DE (Poll)

What are You think about expanding Acient content in AOE 2 DE more in the future?
  • Yes. Its a good idea!
  • No. Its a game about the Middle Ages!
  • I don’t know…

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I think it is good because it was born as a new game inside AOE 2. Not the same game. Basically AOE 1 in AOE 2 engine.

Only if it stays in Return of Rome


NOT until MS admit publicly not to be able to do anything to keep AoE 1 DE alive so from then they will make AoE 1 content on AoE 2 DE engine.

I voted yes, we already have Goths and Huns for more than 20 years, and we can argue to add Celts in that list.

I think Vandals or Armenians could work just fine…

But if the idea is to add Macedonia, Yamato, Parthia, etc… no, 400 AD is the limit for me


They won’t do that, but the fact it has received no update for ages outside of a few hotfixes proves this.

Expanding RoR with ancient content? Yes!
Expanding Aoe2 with ancient content? No!


This is essentially what I’m thinking. I’m all for new ROR stuff in ROR; new campaigns, new civs, new blood. But as far as AOE2 goes? At most, the Vandals, that’s it. We don’t need to go back any farther in the main game’s timeline than this.

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Stupid question?
What is the question?

More ancient civs for AoE2?
More civs for RoR?
More new game modes like Rome at War?

I’m in for all 3 things.

People are to fixated with the fall of Rome. That’s not really that important of an event. Especially not outside of Europe.

I think the Bronze Age collapse (that is in the middle of the AoE1 time frame) and the start of the Colonial Age are bigger more global turning points.

If it’s reasonable to have Vikings and Goths fight against Portuguese and Aztecs then it should be very reasonable to have Goths and Vikings fight Greeks and Carthaginians.

A lot of AoE2 units are even more ancient then Medieval like Onagers or Scorpions, and many of the ones that are clearly medieval like Knights or Man at Arms are already out of place everywhere but Europe.
If a Cavalier can represent Chinese cavalry, why can’t it also represent a Parthian Cataphract or the heavy cavalry of Alexander the Great?
If a Champion in full plate armour can represent a Aztec warrior why can’t it also represent a Phoenician Swordsman?
The Phoenician swordsman is probably closer to that visually then the Aztec Warrior.

Basically just make a few AoE1 units into regional units like the Hoplite line or Composite Bowman.
The more ancient things like Chariots weren’t really used by many civilisations in the Iron Age anymore anyway. But even they are already in AoE2 by now.

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As much as I am in favor of Late Romans in base AoE2, no I don’t think expanding antiquity content in AoE2 is too fitting imo.

The only reason I don’t mind Romans it’s because they added specifically the Late Romans that show up in Alaric and Attila campaigns (Huns and Goths) so it didn’t really pushed the timeline further backwards.

I would rather have a new AoE set in antiquity, they could even do it in 2d sprites like AoE2DE, I would be plenty happy.