Acts as if I just downloaded the game. Closes out when I get to the main menu

I have been playing the game since it came out, I have over 150 hours in. Randomly I did a McAfee malware scan and now when I start the game it acts as if I just downloaded it for the first time. It asks if my settings are good, and then if the brightness is good. Then it makes me do the tutorial all over again. Once I finish the tutorial when i go to the main menu, it doesn’t load up all the way and then it closes out of the game completely… I was wondering if you knew if there is any way to correct this.

It sounds like McAfee is putting something away in quarantine. Try looking here:

Typically when you delete the Age of Empires IV folder in Documents > My Games is when the game will “reset” to the First Time User Experience. If you can grant an exclusion to that entire folder, that may solve the problem. If not, you may try contacting support with your warnings.log file. Good luck!