Adam Isgreen's quote on AOEIV and history

I want that responsibility. I want Age of Empires 4 to be a trusted source of history. I think we can do that justice; I would be over the moon if people were like, ‘man, this is legit!’ because there’s been some shaky history in the previous Age of Empires games," laughs Isgreen.

*“I want Age of Empires 4 to be a trusted source of history” “Laughs Isgreen”

Okay, fair enough! I loved to hear that. That was the main selling point.

And now they are adding Jeanne d’Arc Civ, Sultan’s army civ, and Empire of Jade civ.
All these 3 civs are fake, not historical, and sound horrible.

Please Adam Isgreen, change the names of these civs!
Do not listen to those toxic Pro streamers!
If you want it to be a trusted source of History, then let it be!
And save your reputation from this misery and let us enjoy the game.


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