Adaptations to AOE3 DE

I want to report some issues with one of the latest created civilisations namely the swedes. I bought the original game in 2005 and have been active ever since. Played more than 1000 hours this game competitively (captain level) and now 1750 in team mainly with the dutch but also with other civilisations.
I want to talk about

  • carolean speed of 4,5 which gets buffed with cards and upgrades

  • Torp hp of 1500 instead of 1200 for a house

  • Hotkey issues

Carolean speed: When you do a 1v1 with dutch against swedes there is actually no possibility to do your 7 bank with the church because your skirms will walk slower than the unit that they should counter the caroleans. Caroleans walk with speed 4,5 and after a card in age 4 and military drummers with the arsenal even much faster. They become the cuirassier version of aoe3 because: they walk very fast and b have high hp. They are too fast and too furious. Later in the game skirms can no longer kite them.

Torps: you gave the torps 1500 hp (same as a wall) for 135 wood and they continue to gather resources. A house is 1200 hp for 100 w with no gathering. 127 I think for the british for a settler but with 1200 hp. Giving those torps 25% more hp makes it too hard to kill them. It takes too long and in the mean time those fast caroleans can come and melee or shoot you at the lower levels. I would suggest you lower the hitpoints of the torp to 1200 and lower the speed with 0,25 or don’t give dutch the speed penalty with the church upgrade.

Hotkeys I also have that certain hotkeys don’t function every time. I use X for my attack move but one in ten times it doesn’t work. same for other hotkeys. Thanks for your feedback. Kind regards, a big fan. :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree that Swedes are very powerful especially if they are let to deploy their eco…but you picked wrong section. Discussion should serve well… Btw there are several posts dedicated to Swedes and its power.

ah ok sorry, will repost it