Add a bonus effect to the portuguese team bonus

Such as sheep are visible at the start of the game (the ones nearby your team’s tcs for your entire team, does not show enemy sheep)
This will be added ontop of the existing bonus of shared line of sight. (The sheep will still need to be converted, but the locations of the sheep would be shown in an unexplored map) this would count towards your own initial 8 sheep or however many herdables there may be


Yea I feel the Portuguese team bonus can have a little more spice.


Another possible increase is to have the initial scouted area cover the spawn area of all spawned sheep per tc, essentially a large circle around the tc becomes fully scouted at the start for all allies on top of shared line of sight which covers most resources which frees up scouts for more scouting elsewhere as soon as all sheep are brought in.

This idea really encourage laming, even if you dont see the sheeps of th enemey…

  1. You can just go for the lame at that start, then come back and instant found your own sheeps to send them to your TC.

  2. You can just get all your sheeps at the start easily and then go straight to the enemy and lame the enemy.


Absolutely correct.
that being said laming can either be a part of the game and this bonus becomes a laming bonus, or laming becomes nerfed - for instance, boars won’t exceed the distance it takes to go 2x the distance from the tc it spawned for, sheep become garrisonable, or simply killable and decay at the normal rate and is still gatherable. If they find sheep than that’s that and perfectly okay, that being said, I think it’s fine as is and having essentially a laming bonus is a good team bonus incentive other than, oh look, you can have shared line of sight even tho you probably already selected that option at the start for all teams anyways.

In the words of a few people on the forums: it makes the game more interesting and fast paced/fun.

In my own words: it ends the game quicker with higher stakes and increases how much people will have to rely on skill to counter whatever advantage the enemy may have which makes for better games you can watch, but not necesarrily a better game.

I think Portuguese team bonus fine but not in team shared visibility games (not sure about its name)

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Another possible bonus: shared line of sight and + 1 range on defensive buildings and tcs (arrows, bombard towers, castles, etc) (maybe not for tcs)

Or if one were to change the team bonus entirely:
+1 range on defensive buildings would be a good bonus on its own. +1 attack on top of that if feeling spicy

And yes that would increase the prowress of teuton castles and turk bombard towers and japanese towers

I don’t think that the portos need to have their team bonus changed.

It’s true, it’s useless in 1v1, but the same is for spanish team bonus, or italians imp UT. Some good team game bonus simply can’t be useful in 1v1.

That’s being said, it’s really helpful in team games, because shared exploration it’s helpful in dark age, maybe not for pro players, but it’s really good for non-experts players.

Also, portos now don’t need any buff, the recent patch gave them a really good new bonus, so there is non need to buff them further.


Are Portos weaker in 1v1s or in team games?

I’m not sure, but still I don’t think that giving them a new team bonus is necessary…

Not for now at least, they just received a new bonus (which is better than a rework of their TB) let’s see how it work…


It kinda sucks their team bonus is a lobby setting but otherwise I don’t think there is any need to worry because as already said a new bonus is better than a different TB.

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Imagine Turkish Bombard Towers and Teuton Castles.