Add an exlusive solo queue to ranked teams

The current system isn’t working because throwing in a bunch of teamed up players in a 4v4 is just not fair. They should be matched against other teams of 4 not individuals looking for an organic partnership with strangers.

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the matchmaking in general in this game is existent.

It will put me against a 4 man premade all 200+ lvl on a team of Asiam server randoms who are all lvl <50 who are immune to understanding what a ‘ping spam’ on the enemy RK in their farms means. While the enemy is 3v1 feudal ram spamming the furthest player who doesn’t still tries to naked rush 3 TC while the other half of his base is being destroyed.

Now this is where people will start bawling because I had the audacity to search for a match (that’s not 1v1) while not being in a 4 man team myself rather than acknowledge the poor matchmaking.

Just factoring in Premade teams into the elo or something would be a great start. Or a region lock.

We don’t need server splitting or region locking at all.

If you want to play ranked games as a team, you can team up with your friends or take the risk by teaming up with other unknown people who may or may not make a good team. It’s part of the risk.

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Totally agree, this is a great idea. Not fun to play pre-mades as a solo player.

Ends up being a lopsided match and no fun for anyone. Maybe it’s fun for the pre-mades steamrolling the noobs.

oh I misunderstood, yes that’s fair. (pre maded vs pre maded and random team vs random team) The only problem is the waiting time to find a match, which will increase with this division.

Why? The matchmaking in this game is proof that we absolutely do lol

The game put you with people who are available. Asking to be put with people that don’t exist would just make the queue extremely long.

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