Add an option to play the Civ music seperate to the music slider

Like many players, I like to set my music to 0% so I can focus on the game and not get distracted by the music of aoe2, however with the release of aoe2 de and its extension of the civ themes, I’ve come to enjoy listening to the themes of the different civs.

However, by setting my music to 0% I miss out on that opportunity, instead only able to listen to it during the brief time in the loading screen.

This, in my opinion should be changed.

By classifying the theme of the civ as different to music. An option to play civ themes separate from the music volume slider could be created allowing us to enjoy the funky tunes of the different civ themes while also allowing us to set our music to 0%. Reaping both benefits. And of course, you can disable this option so that civ themes wouldn’t play when music is set at 0%, increasing its versatility among players.

This is just a minor thought and easily dismissible especially since I think it’s easier said than done in the point of view of the devs, but I think it’s a thought worth pursuing as it’ll make the game more customisable for the player which’ll benefit the players as a quality of life improvement.

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