Add Crosses/hilal onto churches/mosques

Basically add the nice little aesthetically looking crosses and hilals onto each civ’s religious buildings (inc. wonders). Some Eastern European buildings have them already but not all civs do.

If the devs think this would ‘offend’ people, maybe think it might offend if they aren’t included :wink:

Deus Vult!

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I think the mosque domes for the Middle East set need to be more prominent.

The Boat Sails have Crosses, so no one is offended.

I get why you would want that, but we’ve got stuff like mosques for Cuman and Ethiopian, or churches for Huns, so adding even more symbols wouldn’t make sense.

Crescent(Hilal) on mosques could be historically inaccurate. It has become one of symbols of Islam in late 19th century according to Wikipedia. This must be the reason devs used another symbol for Saracen’s logo in the first place.

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The Saracens logo actually looks like the Himyar kingdom flag, which was a pre-Mohammed Judaite Kingdom from Arabia (Yemen).

It is a strange decision for sure, for a civ with Mamelukes and Madrasah, but it makes sense in the way AoE2 treats civilizations as broad culture groups.

Firstly i am apologising for turning this discussions point into something else.

Idk about Himyarite Kingdom’s flag. Rub el Hizb symbol seems the main influence for Sarecen’s logo.

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I thought it was the Himyar flag, since they used the Star of David an all.

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You can add such simple details (adding a simple piece of something here or there) by modding as well.

i dislike any modding

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Then keep waiting forever.

The current AOE2DE wouldn’t even exist if not for modders.


Sorry, bad wording

I really only like playing official content - the integration of FE and whatever into the game by Microsoft was ok, but I never download anything ‘unofficial’ as it feels weird to me. Same with all games :stuck_out_tongue:

With Ensemble Studios dead mostly of new decent content comes from community.


No one forces you to play mods. But leave us modders and their fans (the larger group) in peace.

Lol? I did not even bring up mods

I cannot even find a mod for this :rofl: