Add extra selectable building style to SMX

Sorry if this is a duplicate. I searched quite a bit and nothing has come up.

It is a shame to me that there are multiple house and mill sprites, but that there is only one castle per civ type. I always wanted to have multiple different patterns. I am interested in playing around to make that work, where you could hit the hot key again to pull up a different looking castle (or uni, or whatever).

I downloaded SLX Studio, and for starters tried to just horizontally flop the castle image. The animation seemed like it would be a lot of work but I can .bat that out. Launched the game and my castle was flipped. So far so good.

So next I tried to add a second set of images to the .SLX file (just keeping the naming convention with a different number, one original and adding the horizontally flopped one), hoping that it would just work. Unfortunately I could not hit the hotkey again to cycle through the different frames. So I tried copy one of the mill images and adding it to the house (maybe the way its coded has togglable and non-togglable buildings?) and that didn’t add a new house to the rotation.

So I guess I am wondering if this is even possible, or if someone has done this already. Seems to me that fine tuned control of this behavior is not moddable, and that they just have special handling for house and mill. Anyone have any luck with this?

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