Add find building hotkeys & option for no building menu

not sure why find building hotkeys are not in the game? Having to control group armory or market seems kinda annoying for people with small hands. Even with using number 0 its not good. It is frustrating to look through my base to find the armory that looks a lot like other buildings.

also give the option to remove the building menus so the people that dislike it can remove it and set their hotkeys the way they want without having to do that one extra click of q/w/e/r everytime they want to build something.

Edit: Also add proper ungarrinson hotkeys. Why cant I garrinson a villager and rally point it to a tree or goldmine? It just stands idle next to the tc when I pres eject.
It’s almost the year 2022. Theres no need for frustrating mechanics like in aoe2. And the games after aoe2 all had the features I listed above.

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Try F1-5, which selects different types of buildings, I think F3,4 or 5, did the armoury/university combo ?

I really hate how if I accidentally hit Q, then realise the building I wanted is in W, there’s no way to go back ‘up’ the hierarchy. You have to de select the vill - which sucks

Yea Aoe2’s system for this is really good with the go back to work hotkey, and the set garrison target button being F and T. I missed this alot in aoe4.

Yes, the F keys are tied to many buildings but I don’t remember them at this point. I think F1 is all military buildings that you can then tab through. Another is for TC. I’m fine with using grid keys but know it would make a lot of people happy to have customizable hotkeys in the game too. And yes, hoping that garrison/ungarrison behaviour gets smoother and more functional. Aside from that, better calibrating the random map calculations so that resources and features are weighted equally between players (ie. there aren’t 4 relics on one players side of the map and zero on the other) is my other main concern.

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