Add french female villagers, make Courrierdebuois population restricted

French should also get normal male and female villagers. Courrier de buois should be a limited population (trainable from the french market) and should only have extra bonus as a hunter, miner and Lumberjack. It’s combat abilities and bonuses are good enough.

it’s funny to see a Courrierdebuois working in the estates with mink hats on.


Why though?
The civ is fine now, specially after the -50 food nerf.
France early economy is good but they get outscaled by the big majority of the civs, including brits, Japanese, Indians, even dutch.
Even spain can keep up with france in economy.
That means that most games they need to win or make some damage early otherwise the oponent will eventually just have more stuff

Don’t touch gameplay. Having native women would be a good compromise because seeing only men hurt eyes.

My reply has been deleted by the employee, and there are no warnings this time.
yes. Players are not welcome to discuss colonial history.
So I retract my statement. The local women are voluntary and equal.