Add iron walls and tesla towers to delhi on dark age!

3 minutes to upgrade spearmans on feudal! whattahell devs are thinking when they add this civ to the game!!!
sit with your foe and gives him some coca cola


Do you mean? C&C 5 Red Age of Soviet Empire
sounds pretty good

ok… this is clearly not the way to aproach the devs lol.

i am also in the buff delhi side though but this is not the way.

We dont want a clash of clans 4

lol try to place their “church”-thing-bulding in range of the barracs and stuff (you can place multiple buildings), then place scholars into them and the recearch-process will speedup with ease. Also place one scholar in every barrack, stable etc. that will increase the unit-buildtime by 100%
The scholars and their buildings are the key of the deli civ.

then they will cost more than if you tech normal research from other civs?