Add Jacobite rebellion to British and Scottish General post

Well Denmark was known to use Redshanks, perhaps we will see them as a new mercenary unit. I could see Gallowglass as well and maybe Border Reivers.

I dont know how else Scottish units could be added with this DLC. Maybe England could get a card akin to the Bashkir Rebellion for russia or Flemish/Belgian revolutions for the Dutch. A sort of pseudo revolution card. It could be called Jacobite Rebellion or something similar. I don’t see Scotland getting a full civ or even a revolution. If Belgium or Greece are only techs or cards, I find it unlikely Scotland will be a revolt, much less a civ.


If the Devs entertain the idea of more Royal Houses (and surely they have to look at them anyway in regards to Royal House Winged Hussars??), then this could give an entry point for more Scottish units with a House of Stuart (I know, this is well-trodden ground). This could inadvertently be nice for the Brits were they ever get a Prince Electors/French royal house card that gives a Royal Embassy (giving them the choice of Hannover or Stuart). French could also benefit from Scottish native units via a shipment ‘Gardes Écossaises’.

Obviously the units / tech would be Jacobite/Stuart in flavour for example:

  • Clansmen - Highlander with Lochaber Axe (halberdier-type unit)
  • Tacksmen - A Highland officer - targe (small shield), claymore broadsword and pistol shot ability.
  • Lowlander Infantry - this could be a Royal House Native musketeer unit. Unlike the Highlander, the Lowlander could be a cheap, defensive musket unit, benefiting from keeping its distance away from the enemy (by way of a longer range at the cost of melee) or perhaps working best near allied settlements. Also, most importantly wears tartan trousers (trews) instead of a kilt :slight_smile:
  • Technologies could include ‘Jacobite Uprising’ which could spawn Jacobite (just a prefix) Highlanders from some of your existing buildings. A kinda workaround /Rev-light thing instead of a full-blown Rev civ if that’s not a possibility.

With that in mind, things like Redshanks, old-school Highlanders (bows+two handers), Covenanter Scottish soldiers, quirky Scottish arty like Frame Guns are not really Royal House/Jacobite material as they were all mainly before that (rather Wars of the three kingdoms/British Civil War stuff) - though some fit nicely into Merc territory (Redshanks!).

Border Reivers would be nice as a British and Irish isles Outlaw/Merc unit - they were used as mercenary light horse, but Reiver families pretty much did their own thing between countries (and were English as well as Scottish).


Nice ideas. I know the frame guns aren’t Jacobite, they are more mid-16th century and had a lot to do with the Covenanters, I just thought a royal house artillery would’ve been cool. I think i like your ideas more than most other suggestions.
Alternative names for the tacksman could include targeteers or Caterans as well.

As for the Border Reivers, I just doubt the devs would want to make a new outlaw for a couple maps, especially when all of the U.S. and South America use the same 4 outlaws and Asia uses many ahistorical and fantastical ones as well and I merely saw them being more likely added as mercenaries than outlaws.

The redshanks were a suggestion for an Azap mercenary, basically and an idea for how more Scottish units might realistically come with the DLC, though I do think a Stuart house could be really fun and may even be able to appear in France due to intermarriages as well as how many of them went to France during the ECW and where James converted to Catholicism.


Good!The devs Can support added mores Scottish units(outlaw,The Royal house Stuart and Mercenary)and Jacobite Rebellion history for accord with aoe3de’s New DLC

In the Two image, it is about Aoe3 Napoleonic Era’s mod,maybe scottish clansmen (A Hand shock infantry equipped with a basket sword and Scottish shield’s,big buttons is highland charge,maybe it can also be called Highland Targeteers/Caterans and Jacobite rebellion’s Scottish unit)is The Royal house Stuart unit and British and French’s card deck’s units for into the new DLC

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I don’t think it will work this time, you’ll probably need 3 or 4 more new posts about it.


Right I’ll probably need 3 or 4 this is only for @SirBarnzy1 Could all kinda be in a ‘Civ/Rev Concept: Scottish’ parent thread more new posts about it for Scotland for to devs

I think about to Scotland’s history is aoe3’s times but I don’t know is Britain civ At present,it only 3 posts depends on European history

The Stuart army was also present in France, Spain, and Italy at various times throughout their exile/preparation to invade the British Isles in the 17th and 18th centuries. I think the Stuart Royal House would make for some great variety for other European maps besides the British ones.