Add more animations

Please add more animations for main base for villagers like stronghold and cossaks.Maybe moving chikens in the yard and etc

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Perhaps we could see some small animals running around the houses that spawn little fenced-in yards.

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First we need proper animations for destruction of siege weapons. Right now they go poof in a cloud of smoke which looks very ugly.


When it comes to animation, I much rather:

(a) Have demo ships visuals match their tiles impacted adequately
(b) Same as (a) but for mangonel
(c) Visually more deviation between Rus houses and hunting cabin
(d) Visually more deviation between vishing ships and demo ships
(e) Same as (d) but for many more ships, especially Lodya ships
(f) Clearer visuals for grading on units.
(g) Clearer visuals on who is my ally and who is enemy. Colours go all over the place. Can’t I get like a red glow is for enemy units? Or a more deep primary colours for one team and pastel colours for another?

For (f) I can imagine it can be see but it just my (in)experience that causes this desire.

These aren’t animations.

Most of these are QoL features and asking for a different model for some units.

They are required, but they are not animations.

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Feels a tad semantic. No dev here but I’d not be surprised that both are assigned to the same staff. As an end user, those are visuals that would benefit much in having an update. Call them whatever you want.

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But by animation I really mean something that is purely graphical. And not related to gameplay. And related to some kind of motion.

Your suggestions are valid, but they are gameplay suggestions which arguably have more priority than what this thread is calling for.

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+1, destroyed siege going poof looks extremely silly particularly relative to other destroyed constructs (buildings for example)

I’m this close to just going back to age 3 lmao

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It would be a QOL improvement for sure , hahah