Add new historical figures to the game

I feel that the game needs to increase historical figures as generals. heroes, revolutionaries, politicians,presidents , kings , etc etc., so it would be great if historical characters were added to the game, that is, new images for the profile and heroes or special units like Tokugawa or Simon Bolivar ,for example, I would like them to add Don José de San Martín, who was a great general and revolutionary just as important as Simon Bolivar


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These could be potential explorer skins.

Also they could add a bunch of historical figures as separate hero units (reskinned regular heroes etc.) to the scenario editor even if they do not appear in campaigns. Like in vanilla AOE2 there was a lot of unused heroes in the editor. No idea why they no longer do that.


I’d prefer the opposite. Get rid of all the explicit references to individuals and wonders and present them as more generic units and landmarks. The units should just be “Daimyo”, “Shogun”, “Liberator” (works for both Bolivar and San Martin), etc. That’s how most of the game already works. For example, Mexico has a Padre, not a “Miguel Hidalgo”.

The same should be done for wonders. I’d rather build generic but iconic landmark architecture instead of building the Taj Mahal in the Yukon.

If you want specific people, hero skins are the way to go.


Technically the developers are already doing this through explorer skins, but I wouldn’t be opposed to revolutions getting more historical figures.

PS: I would love to see argentine revolution with General San Martin with his horse (Alazán) and his curved saber (Shamshir) :smile:

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I don’t like the idea of adding more “famous people” to the game just because it’s historical. Thinking history only as a sequence of big people doing big things is an extremely outdated way of seeing history.

Like if (when?) I make the Argentina civ they’d just have a Mounted General, the idea of the explorer always being San Martin sounds outright silly.

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San Martín could be like a daimyo, I mean an explorer does not receive units from the metropolis but a daimio or simón bolivar can, san martín could be sent from the metropolis

Nah, that’s just lazy design.

Besides, if I wanted a “Daimyo” I’d have to go with someone like Facundo Quiroga or Felipe Varela who are much closer to the idea of what an Argentine “Daimyo” would be.

I mean I’m referring to the concept, not that San Martín is precisely a daimyo, Simon Bolivar is practically that type of unit, he can create units and receive shipments from the metropolis

I entirely agree with this. It would be interesting to see the game design process for TAD while production to understand why they went with such choices.

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Almost everything in The Asian Dynasties reeks of Orientalism, that expansion aged really bad.


Guess what, they San Martín in the newest PUP, It buffs nearby Mounted grenadiers.
Not quite a Damyo but close.

Funny thing about that…

Yeah I know what’s in the PUP. If I make the Argentina civ I’m still gonna use San Martin as a generic General lmao.


What effect does Saint Martin have on the mounted grenadiers?

San Martin is cool.
But I do agree that the regular hero units in the skirmish should be given generic names (meaning not referring to a particular person), like the specific Daimyos, Bolivar and San Martin.

Actual characters should appear in campaigns and scenario editors, or as hero skins.