Add operators in siege weapons!

I watched the fan preview and it was awful to see siege weapons moving magically …
I love age 2 but lets be honest, it does not annoy me because of the graphics, it was early 2000 and we understand the challenges of that epoch. But we are 2021, it looks cringy, really annoys me to see those graphics and sofisticated particles with operator less siege.
In AoE 3 we got operators in all siege weapons, it looks amazing and makes it more fun because we see more population in the war field. In my opinion they need to pulish graphics, you can relate manor lords or spell force 3, games with great graphics and optomized to be played even in low end computers, to be honest Relic has no excuses to do cartoonish graphics and operator less weapons…
Even in company of heroes which is an old game they put drivers on trucks, vehicles and operators in weapons.
I am really disappointed at this point… we are the biggest RTS community, those games previously menctioned have lower support and lower budget and they are doing a better work in that specific aspect, I still have hope AoE4 developers listen the community and give us better graphics, weapons operators and great physics. P.D I love the colors and contrast of the very first preview, They just need to polish poligons/units details, get rid of giant arrows and add weapons operators. We want realistic colored graphics and not mobile graphics.

Cant imagine my self playing genghis khan campaign using dumb looking soldiers… come on its the darkest era of our civilization, you cant just cartoonish it …


That’s a very simple design logic here:
In AOE2 siege weapons are unmanned → AOE2 is popular → that is a great design that should remain.

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Another thread talking about AoE4’s graphics… @jimmy19846071 you’re up!

It would be nice if we could stop duplicating these topics…

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There is already an ongoing thread about this very same topic. You can do a search and comment there.

Where? all I see is about graphics, but nothign related to less operator weapons


completely agree!! to the point bro, thats why I expected much more innovations than a cheap AoE 2 copy, as AoE2 fan I would stick to AoE2 because aoe 4 is not showing anything new at all.

Age 2 is from 1998!!!, We are in 2021 also original age2 devs added crew members to siege weapons in age lll because they wanted to innovate, now we are in 2021 again 1998 lol! Lest respect the original devs vision.

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Original devs also said that they’d want as many people as possible to be able to play the game. Lets respect the original devs vision!

And by removing crew on siege more people will buy the game? Wow

Did I say anything about buying the game? Wow, reading comprehension

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TBH crew members were not innovative at all. That’s some natural development with progressing game production technology just like almost every game shifting to 3D.
Rise of Nations (2003) already had crew members, draft horses and very well made packing an unpacking animations, even better than AOE3 (where the draft horse disappears and reappears).

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Bombard cannons have people and so do organ guns. They had the possibility to add people to siege weapons and decided against it

Probably because these are one-manned, and that man do not need to move around because he’s always pushing behind it (and because units never reload in AOE2).

For onagers or trebuchets, etc., you may have more than one operators, and they have to move around and interact with the engine, or they would look silly. That might be very challenging back in 1999.
Otherwise, if you can only make a few operators standing by the engine doing nothing and never moving, it’s better not to have them.


Exactly, diferent tecnology and use of resourses

This is the answer. Having a person behind Bombard Cannons and Organ Guns contributed to each units distinctive silhouette, whereas Onagers/Trebuchets already had a very strong silhouette and adding crew to them would, if anything, have diffused it. So they decided against it.

The art design for AoE1 / AoE2 was very good at giving units that “classic” timeless look with strong silhouettes - but quite drastic artistic liberties were made in order to achieve it.

As mentioned this art approach already started with AoE1. Just look at how elegant and distinctive the Balista design is:

Adding a crew to that would be like spitting in your own salad… it would completely ruin the current designs razor sharp silhouette.


It will only cause more CPU usage and loss in fps etc. People who have low to mid end computers will struggle with such addition so it is better to keep it like a robot. Its been always like that and is the core of the game. I know it is unrealistic but is barely noticeable. In AOE2 I dont care trebuchets, they do just fine.

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I doubt that would happen unless you have a potato PC. It was never an issue with games as old as Battle for Middle Earth (a 2004 game) which had manned siege. I still play that game on an ancient laptop with a 2nd gen i7 and integrated Intel graphics. All settings maxed out.

You can add a graphics option to disable the extra units in siege in the extreme situation that’s an issue, but if you are so limited on resources, you should consider lowering the pop cap instead of neutering the graphics for ALL players.

Unmanned siege looks dumb. Sentient elephants shooting ballista bolts in AoE II are equally as dumb but understandable given the game’s limitations.

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It’s a game series that has never gone for realism as a selling point. That’s what the Total War series is for.

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Well, I have i7 8th gen, I cant play with low pop because it is boring for me. I like huge and decisive battles.
About siege, it is just not an AOE thing. manned super realistic Total War games are more suitable for you.