Add some more chat taunts relevant to strategies

Im preatty sure that the grand majority of you that has play teamgames online has been in the situation where you are paired with someone who doesnt speak english (or your language but the main language in-game is english by far) and is very frustrating because you cant coordinate a strategy with them so you have to play with a brutal handicap.

The solution I propose is to add some new taunts that mention some strategies, tactics, etc. that would allow you to have a chance to organice despite language walls. It would be great too (but I know that this maybe is ask too much) that if you shift left click a unit or the comand to create it in their respective building you could send the image of the unit icon in the chat so you can say the units you are going to make or the ones that you are going to be focusing.

Ej.: To tell you are going to focus in x enemy unit yo say “(the unit that you are going to use for example hussar) → (the unit you are going to counter for example heavy artillery)”

Pd.: Sorry if its difficult to understand some parts, english isnt my first language


It would be the best, I remember that in RE there were mods and packs with more tauts that the players themselves recorded for better coordination.

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