Add SWGB mechanics

I think that some features or ideas of SWGB could be used for future civs, like stealth, some kind of inspiration aura that could work like AoE4/ Power cores, Shielding, etc.

Not only that would extend the possibilities of new gameplay, but also the possibility of some day doing a full port of SWGB by modders, because we all know that a SWGB DE is very low on possibilities. :slight_smile: Also could help other kinds of modders, a thing that usually extend the life of a game like aoe2 that had been modded a lot.

Pls devs consider it! Features needed for SWGB/other civs/modding possibilities

  • Stealth and detection
  • Air units (already possible?)
  • Powering
  • Shielding (not quite the same that the Shrimvamsha Rider)
  • Shielding needing power
  • Hovering units (already possible?)
  • IDK if is possible to change the footprint selection like some SWGB units like AT-AT already
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I mostly don’t love these as these are pretty much modern or sci-fi concepts that I wouldn’t want in AoE2 for logic and gameplay reasons. Stealth is the only one that I think makes sense and could be interesting, but flying/hovering units? Really? Power cores, and especially “shielding needing power” implies being able to use electricity or some kind of wireless transmission of power, as well as explicit force fields that would be ridiculous in a medieval game.

Stuff like fortified churches providing a work rate aura boost works because in game logic it reads as being morale or inspiration, but I think that already goes as far down that road as I would want.


Maybe I wasnt specific enough, but I’m not asking for all the features be added to aoe2 but also to add them to help modders.

IDK a lot of genie engine, but power cores mechanic is similar to caravanserai, but it would need a round area instead and building work production instead of speed movement. AoE 4 has a lot of gameplay around that.

Shielding is similar to the indian rider, but now currently is implemented based on number of hits, not as a second hp.

OFC air or hovering units doesnt have sense of aoe2, but it does to add to the game to allow new kinds of mods


Ah, that makes more sense. I’m not a modder, but from the patch notes, it looks like some of the stuff is already implemented in a similar way. Like Centurions and Monaspa are also considered “power up” units, so perhaps there’s already a way to change the effects via modding.

Overall though I don’t know that they’re going to add much to modding or the Editor that they don’t plan on using in-game, but we can hope.

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Flying huntables could be interesting. Like geese that migrate across the map and can be shot down. Maybe they spawn in flocks that do loops across the map, bringing them close to multiple players.


Or maybe a kind of hawk’s trainer that release one hawk when he is standing. This hawks explore in an are around the trainer.

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Most of those are just auras with different effects.

Stealth units seems better for editor than competitive play.

Last one I dont understand what does it suppose to do?

That would be great for a steppe civ scout UU of some sort


Which one? Footprint selection? I have seen AT-ATs ported to AoE 2 DE but with a big ring under the unit for selection. As I said, I dont know enough, but the ring of selection should fit better the unit for gameplay purpouses, similar to SWGB.

Devs sometimes add features for Scenario Editor, so some there could be some hope. Some of them could be these, the remaining features that SWGB needs

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This is doable and already ingame siege units elephants have bigger selection rings than foot units.I dont think aoe2 can have a huge unit like in swgb it wont make much sense.

These are kinda already there with aura effect but can be integrated to a medieval setting too.
Eg relics or relic carts powering units with religious zeal.totems powering up buildings similar to power cores.Flagships on water giving shielding to other smaller ships etc.

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What I mean that instead of a big ring (currently doable), SWGB would need elongate ring selections, that I don’t know if there are actually doable.

Yes, at least would be interesting for modding to a more fantasy themed abilities like relics giving shielding or smth like that. But I would like to have 1:1 SWGB features support.

Stealth mechanics could work great on current aoe2 DE

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They should add the spy from the AoE2 alpha as a Scenario Editor unit.
I don’t think stealth would work well in multiplayer. I hate it when games add stealth in a DLC because it’s usually awfully implemented. AoE4 had some kind of stealth since the release of the game so it’s fine there.

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I proposed the gallows pole. A building that increase all units speed but make them easy to convert.

Already editor objects.