Add to control group [x2]

case if it works
In the hotkey to remove from control group if it works, I can assign Crt + Alt +__ [x2] any of the nine numbers with [x2]

Just as it works to remove I would like it to work to add to control group

Case not working
But in the case of adding to the control group it does not work, I noticed that it did work in a special case when I put a number less than it had greater [x2] for example:

*the hotkey to add to group 4 is: Shift+4
if I put as secondary key Shift+2 [x2] it works because 2 is less than 4

*the hotkey to add to group 6 is: Shift+6
if I put as secondary key Shift+3 [x2] it works because 3 is less than 4

I would like the [x2] to work for any combination of Shift+ number [x2], as if it works in the case of: remove from control group, even if this request is placed in low priority, thanks

I have requested to include 20 control groups, so correcting these errors will allow us to customize our hotkeys in a better way, thanks

Great, I hope you consider the 20 control groups, even if it’s from season 4 or 5, thanks


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