Add Units and Cards

Hi all, Im new to aoe 3 modding could use some help I want to do some things like:

Add special units like Spahi to Ottoman Stable, change villager look like Indians for ottomans too.
Change and add cards to civs differents like merc cards from sweeden to other civs and so.

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So, I managed by seeing some original Aoe 3 Modding tutos do add units, but Im wondering How models are assigned.

For example how models are assigned when upgrading a unit, or if its possible to have a single unit use different models depending on which faction are. Any help is appreciated.

In other words to change settler moddel and create new units with upgrades.

In regards to adding Spahi to Ottoman Stables, you could make a tech which can only be unlocked by the Ottomans which I would suggest could be an edit of a tech I think called “SPCTrainBuccaneerFromBarracks” or something to that regard.

Essentially what I did in my own experience was is I edited that script to produce Landsknecht from Barracks for Germans, so you can achieve the same effect by replacing the names of the unit and building, then attaching that to the Ottoman tech tree somewhere, or have it activate on a trigger if doing it through a scenario.

Happy to produce a guide if you’re a little confused or if you just require a bit of extra guidence on it, hoping that this information is helpful to you regardless.

Thanks for replying, yes I managed to add spahi by following tutorials of Aoe 3 modding, its quite simple in fact since Spahi is already “unlocked” in Ottoman tech tree, only had to add it to “protoy” file, in “Stable” to be able to be buildable.

What Im trying to do is change the “models” or “graphics” of the units/buildings without creating a new one, but Im stucked I have added a unit based on the hussar, but when upgrade its model remains the same, I used the Steppe Rider model in the “animfile” code part.

ex. Hussar, Veteran Hussar, Guard Hussar, Imperial Hussar, in my unit which uses Steppe Rider model all remains the same initial model.

Also I want to know if there is a way to change models depending on the faction/civ, in order to avoid creating new uneccesary ones.

hi, Wolfstack,i could managed to train spahi from stable, edited their hitpoint about 1.000 but they insist at hitpoint 100, what about you??