Adding 2 bank wagons shipment

Dutch has been the weakest civ in every tier for some times. Banks are expensive but you cannot skip them, as they are the only available economic investment in most games. If we add a 2 bank wagons shipment in age III, Dutch can have an better early game with 2-3 banks, and send 2 banks in age III to complete the boom.
It’s similar to Aztec 5 priest shipment: you can play age II with 4 priests, and send 5 priests to maximum the limit instead of dancing for a long time.
2 banks costs 1400 resource. But considering how weak Dutch is, it becomes reasonable anyway. Adding 200 coin cost is also acceptable.

adding coin cost to a Bank card sounds kinda stonks. Was thinking 250 F and 250 W or free.

Why its free is to counter balance Spain’s Age 3 Haciendas

Need to cost 400w if it’s true

This may be too good.

Even at a cost of 500c

200f 200w is another possibility

Not too good for a bottom civ. 1 bank=4 villagers, so 2 banks=8 villagers=1 fortress shipment: it makes sense.

I’m not sure if adding a two bank shipment is what Dutch needs. Honestly I think just removing the speed nerf from Coffee Trade and removing the +7 merc speed from the age 3 card (‘Dutch States’ I believe?) would be all Dutch need. Maybe add 500 coin cost and the delivery of a bank wagon to Coffee Trade (@coffeeco01 suggest Coffee Trade sending a bank wagon in another thread, but I think adding the coin cost is a good idea to avoid it being too strong.).

I’m also not convinced Dutch is bottom tier, at least after the new patch drops. The ability to train Envoys from the explorer is a big deal and +1 Ruyter Range on the Royal Guard tech is nice too


I love playing dutch, and this send would be great, but I think it can break easily.

Holland with little changes has constantly changed a lot from being a weak civ to a top tier civ.

2 banks are better in several situations than 8 vills (they are more expensive, you get construction xp, they can’t be raided…).

You can build 2 banks in age II and go to age III and get another two with shipping.

It makes the macro of wood easier for you and gives you an economy that is too safe.

And you have said to add a cost of only 200c?

I would use this card with practically all civs…

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